Food Grade Sea Salt Paper Canister Packaging with Shaker

This salt paper canister comes with plastic shaker and aluminum foil lining wall, which is the typical design for sea salt packaging. The plastic shaker lid is made from PE at food grade, customers can shake out the sea salt equably, very user-friendly. The aluminum foil coating has been tested at food grade, it is the most efficient way to extend the shelf life and make the inner environment dry and airtight, we can provide the testing report. You can choose this paper canister to direct contact the sea salt. The whole paper canister is rolled from cardboard stock and rigid paperboard, those main raw material is the recyclable cardboard, which can meet the requirements on the sustainable and environmental-friendly. All texts, patterns and logos are printed by offset printing. The gloss lamination on the whole surface can improve the printing effects. The dimension of this paper canister is 4*14 cm which is customized by our current customers. Other customers can further customize all details according to their own requirements if they are interested in this kind of this sea salt paper canister with plastic shaker and aluminum foil lining wall.

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