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Paper Tube Box
Paper Tube Box

We can supply the paper canisters in any dimensions, it will depend on what’s the product you want to pack. You can send us the size or the volume of your product If you have no idea about the dimension of the paper canister, we can estimate the proper dimension for you.

Absolute yes, all materials of our paper canisters are eco-friendly. The paperboard are recycled, reusable, biodegradable. They are made from 100% virgin pulp paper without any plastics. Paper canister is not only eco-friendly, but also the solution for sustainability.

All materials of our paper canisters are at food grade, this is the basic requirement for paper canister packaging. There are two popular options for paper canisters when it comes to food safety.
Firstly, we will add the aluminum foil lining or PE lining in the inner wall of the tube body, it will guarantee the inner environment of the paper canister is food-safe and oil-resistant, if the products can be in direct contact with the packaging.
Secondly, the customers will put the products into a sealed bags if the products can not be in direct contact with the packaging. This method can improve a more higher grade for food safety. Because the paper canister will be the secondary outer packaging with the air-tight sealed bags which can supply the additional food-safety and retain longer shelf life.

There are three most common tube styles for paper canisters, and we can customize the paper canister according to our customers’ requests based on those three tube styles.
1. Three-Piece Tube Style with Long Bottom Base
This is the most popular tube style in paper canister industry. It contains three parts including: the top cap, the bottom base, and the inner neck which is a longer tube wall glued inside the outer base to make up the tube body.
2. Three-Piece Tube Style with Short Bottom Base
This one is similar to the first tube style, but the bottom base is shorter, It shows a bit inside neck color which can be seen from outside, it has an impress looking when the inside neck wall with a different color from the outside printing on the tube surface, some clients are fond of this tube structure.
3. Two-piece Tube Style
It contains top cap and bottom base in total. the top lid usually is shorter than the bottom base, so it can be easier to lift off the lid to open the tube, also it can show a part neck of the bottom base color make it looks good.

In fact, we have no requirements on minimum order quantities, as a professional factory for paper canisters, we’d like to supply the best solution for your products packaging solution. But taking the cost-efficient into account, we think it is better for you to buy 500 pieces for the balance tween price and quantity.

For the samples order, we can work out them in 3 working days, then ship them out by the air express. It will take 5 working days. Our customers can get their samples in a week at most.
For the bulk order, it depends on the quantity. Generally speaking, it will take 12 to 15 working days. The shipping time will be decided by the choice on the shipping method from our customers.

We supply the fastest samples services before our customers place the bulk orders.
Firstly, our customers have to provide the specific information and requests on dimension, printing and other details.
Then our sales will send those information and requests to our engineering department, our engineers will work out the printing template, and our sales will send back the printing template to customers to confirm all details.
We will start to produce the samples after our customers confirmed the details, we will ship the samples to our customers by air express once the samples finished.

Tell us the exact dimension, quantity, the requests of customization you need. We will send back the design template and price to you. You can put your own artwork on the design template if the price is acceptable, or we can help you finish the design for free. We will start to produce the samples for your refrence after the final artwork is confirmed by you. We will ship the samples to you in 3 working days, then start to mass production if the samples approved by you.

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