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Composite Easy Peel-off Lid Food Protein Powder Paper Canister

This composite paper canister comes with the easy peel-off lid and aluminum foil lining wall. This design is typical in protein powder packaging. The aluminum foil lining wall has been tested by food grade and it is the efficient method of extending shelf life of the protein powder. The easy peel-off lid can seal the paper canister well which can ensure the composite paper canister is airtight, and it is very user-friendly when customers open the paper canister. The basic material of this cardboard tube box is rigid paperboard, it is sustainable and biodegradable. Furthermore, the paper canister is plastic-free which will be environmental-friendly. The dimension of this paper can is 8*14 cm, it is suitable for 350 grams protein powder. This paper canister has been printed on the whole outer surface which is full of their patterns and texts. The matt lamination on the whole surface can improve the printing effects. Customers can customize all details to meet their demands on brand building.

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